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Customized national standard aluminum profile slider nut square nut 3/4 5/8 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: U-type clamp U-bolt, round head three-combination screw bolt, eye bolt, headless welding nail welding bolt, step screw rivet, large flat head bolt, half tooth outer Bolts, iron hexagon nuts, EN14399 screws, flange step bolts, hand-tightening star screws, hand-tapping percussion aluminum rivets, pulling rivets, thickened square gaskets, GB861.2 and other fasteners, due to The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Standard spring washer (GB/T93-1987) Light spring washer (GB/T859-1987) Heavy spring washer (GB/T7244-1987) Spring washer is also known as spring meson. Saddle spring washer (GB/T 7245-1987) Saddle spring washer (GB/T 860-1987) Wave spring washer (GB/T 7246-1987) Wave spring washer (GB/T 955-1987)

Customized national standard aluminum profile slider nut

In order to meet the needs of different assembled installation components, there are also hand-tightening methods for tightening the screws, but in actual use, ordinary manual screws can easily cause hand pain to the user, and the operation is extremely inconvenient; at the same time, due to tightening The contact area between the screw and the installation component is too small. If the user exerts too much force, the uneven force per unit area of the installation component will cause deformation and depression, which will affect the use. Therefore, a manual screw is proposed to solve the above problems.

square nut


In the process of construction of major projects, fasteners are mainly used to connect grooved embedded parts and fixed objects. They are widely used in civil curtain walls, prefabricated buildings, subways, high-speed railways and other industries.


1. Material strain hardening When the material is cyclically loaded, the phenomenon of cyclic strain hardening or cyclic strain softening will occur, that is, under the condition of constant cyclic strain, the stress amplitude will increase or decrease with the increase of the number of cycles. . After several cycles, the stress amplitude enters a cyclic steady state. The low-cycle fatigue of the lock nut is carried out under the condition that the strain is constant, and the strain hardening or softening of the threaded piece will affect the size of its maximum unscrewing torque. The alloy steel used to make the lock nut is a cyclic strain hardening material, and the hardening of the material will increase the elastic restoring force FN of the threaded sheet and increase the unscrewing torque.


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